I’m Lucalabreasy, a motion designer who just wants to make ad + marketing content look cool.

What is a Lucalabreasy?

I’m an experienced motion designer from London – open, bold and playful. I’ve worked in advermarketing, social, interiors and branding and have a few dabblings in other fields. I am generally hungry for challenging creative briefs and just want to make good brand work. I do tinker away from the screen, with some interactive, stop motion and hand drawn and I just want to create great work – regardless of discipline.

These are my brand colours. It’s an outspoken palette, and I use it to highlight myself. I seek bold colours and bold work, and I am not afraid to try or experiment or get things wrong, even colours.

My logotype is Big John. It’s big and bold, and has thick high visibility letters for whatever I throw it, even on the tiniest mobile screen.

My typeface is Jost*. Which is basically Futura but variable and more fiddly. It can be thicc or thin, or even somewhere inbetween.