@1min 20 seconds.

The first Motion Collab I took part in. Similar to many of the animation collaborations by MotionCorpse and Chainamation a group of Motion Graphics artists of varying experience were given 48 hours to produce a 3-4 second segment that had to follow on from a previous artist’s work. This was a work produced with 22 other animators and motion graphics artists with a variety of backgrounds and experiences and was a thoroughly lovely and cooperative experience.

As this was a chainimation and people were trading projects with each other, this was a pure AE only challenge. No plugins, no nothing. And I decided I wanted to do some 3D, so making things more difficult for myself I decided to build a car entirely out of lines and squares. Trickery your name is after effects.

The Very Ugly Caterpillar.

My contribution to Hellavision Television episode 8.  My terrible idea drawn, coloured and voiced in about 6 hours – much in the spirit of the show of bad, silly or first time or experimental animation. A thoroughly liberating if stressful experience of just getting your idea down and getting it out there.

The full episode can be viewed heeeere:

@ 1min 10 seconds.

Another chainimation from Motion Collabs, this time themed around shapes. As usual I was a complete square, so I got put in that group. It was a fun process working again with a great group of animators, illustrators and designers on something focused and intense but without any queues or limitations to give you ideas to work with. It makes you miss the limitations and feedback when you don’t have them!

@ 2min 44 seconds.

A fun instagram collaboration from Seed studios over the world cup, where animators, illustrators and designers submitted loops of someone or something playing keepy uppy. It was still morning and I was obviously thinking about lunch when I got round to making mine.