Ford Arndale is a popup direct-to-consumer store situated in the Arndale Centre in Manchester, as part of Ford’s drive to go direct-to-consumer. The store had frequent refits and remodels to keep up with seasonal trends and campaigns; from lightboxes, props, to all the content on digital displays and projections being changed. I was responsible for digital content and concept behind the 2019 Summer refit, taking an ambient and more abstract outlook on summer, while still maintaining a bright and colourful aesthetic which still says summer.

Digital involved content for the huge 5 metre tall attractor LED screen, matching idle content for the digital POS devices, as well as content for the rear projection area.

The ambient 3D motion work took over the front of the store in the first stage of the refit, to be followed by large yellow vinyl applications over the front windows, playing around the cars in the window, bringing the feeling of summer across the store.

For the rear projection area we localised and brought some flyposter aesthetic into the store, to show what summer means to the residents of Manchester.
This was executed with a combination of print elements and digital projection interacting with each other, as seen above and with some of the tests to the right.
Bringing across the same palette and shapes as the 3D motion, the project took over the back area around their premier car the Mustang.