Pixel Studio FX

01. Multimedia Solutions

Coming on board before the initial launch of their product, I was initially editing a JV referral program video that was filmed on a mock Space Station set to give off an interstellar out of this world vibe!

After this I went on to work on a variety of videos and pieces around the product, mostly fully animated product and feature demonstrations, to product promos either using screen capture or animated UX demonstrations of their software that was yet to coded.

I produced approximately 15 videos for them over the 4 months from pre launch to post launch and continued B2C communication. This culminated with a large shoot on the original Dragon’s Den set! In which I directed, shot and edited several hours of client communication, case studies and further promos and announcements.

02. Fast Turnarounds

On more than a few occasions, previous product videos created by another producer had fallen through or were struck off at the last minute and I was tasked with creating fast turnaround launch or promo videos for their different markets; often literally the night before a launch. Though the thought of late-night work can often be unpalatable, when a deadline or launch is fast approaching and a client definitively needs a fast solution, I am there with a wealth of fast turnaround experience.

From short turnaround product videos for launches, to fast edited social video turned around and put out on the day of an event to maximise impact; I have experience of fast environments and projects and have a solution suited to various timeframes and budgets.